Borovets snowboarding holiday 2009

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we arrived back on British soil after having a fantastic week in Borovets.  I have been very busy working on other projects during this time (hence no updates) these will come into the light in the next couple of weeks.

We arrived in the shack they call Plovdiv airport.  For anyone who hasn’t experienced this airport then you are truly missing an experience.  The airport itself can’t handle masses and masses of people.  This was shown in the single baggage reclaim area whereby you couldn’t move while waiting the 30 minutes for the 1st lot of bags to be unloaded. I would like to say that it has got better over the years since our first venture to Bulgaria back in 2006.


Once we got all our stuff the transfer began and in no time we were at our hotel. The Bor-Edelweiss is a 3 star hotel that is about a 15 minute walk from resort centre. The hotel and the rooms where adequate but nothing special.  The rooms were cleaned every day as well as bed covers and towels changed. The television in the room had cable but I think we only managed to find 2 English channels that consisted of News and Eurosport. Watching family guy in Bulgarian on MTV was quite amusing for a whole 10 minutes, thankfully we came prepared with a portable DVD player. Staff of the hotel sat daily in the corner of the bar with their laptops and friends using the unsecured wireless Internet. Over the week they did get grumpy and started to “not understand” or ignore us.  Breakfast was good, dinner was a different kettle of fish.  Some nights we ate out as dinner just didn’t look inviting.


Out on resort we ate most days at the bottom of the slopes at the “Black Tiger”. During the day it serves up fantastic food. We tried most things on the menu, pizza, burgers, soup and chips (yes we weren’t being daring) and had no complaints.

At night the “Black Tiger” turns into karaoke bar and what an atmosphere it has. By 10pm the place is packed, people are singing, well trying and happy hour is in full flow.  We did drink in other places but we always managed our way back.

One thing, to save some hard earned cash if you’re thinking about taking any alcohol back to the UK or even if you’re stocking up on food etc (no cigs though) don’t go to the shops in the resort .  Head down towards the Bor-EdelWeiss and at the last junction there is a local shop which is far cheaper than anywhere we found.

We enjoyed ourselves at Borovets. If we were to go back we would stay at the Rila as it certainly looked nice and had a reputation to follow :).  Would like to say a big hello to all new friends thanks for such a fantastic holiday. Hope to see you all again soon 🙂

I will be posting the rest of the pictures up on my Flickr page soon.

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