Happy Friday and a very Happy new year everyone. Saw this and had to share it. Les Mills will need to watch out when this hits the gyms. 
Maybe it’ll have some influence over future releases….  😛 😛 

Have you seen any other clips like this you’d like to share?


    • Are you looking on your phone? Should be a facebook video :S… If not let me know and i’ll update post to include link to click through 🙂

  1. Let’s hope Les Mills sees this. At least it’s FUN! 😛

    Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been more bored in Combat since #78 hit. Hadn’t it been for the awesome instructor, I would’ve brought my pillow and blanket and slept on the mat. I really hope Dan and Rach soon make something that has some “colour” instead of the bland music and endless repetitions of boring moves.

    But thanks for the video, it made my day 😀

    • Hey Peter,
      Happy new year, you know you’re not the first person to kinda say that. We’re launching 78 this weekend and well for me only enjoying the release about 15% but am hoping it’s a grower. Someone has even pointed out that a) Dan and Rach look bored in the master class b) masterclass instructors weren’t as “worked” at the end as normal. Only time will tell my friend 🙂 On the plus side it’s good to see more bonus tracks as it’s something combat has needed in a long time compared to other programs 😀

      • I’m keeping my hopes up, both for myself that I will enjoy it more as time goes on, and for the program to head in a more enjoyable direction. And yeah, happy new year to you too 😉


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