It doesn’t feel so long ago I wrote about Body Combat 51, my word where does the time go?  I waited a little longer to write about this release as I wanted more time to teach all the tracks before putting pen to paper.

So Body Combat 52…. The programme directors again have pulled out every stop in this release. Lots of tracks with great hooks enabling us to connect more with participants and enabling us to have a little fun.

Thoughts on tracks

  • Track 1a/1b – I have to say I really like this warm up. Multi directional movement with simple but effective combinations to 2 great tracks. I have to admit I am a sucker for doing the wiggle in the lower body warm-up……  The main heart raiser being the shoot which strangely isn’t used anywhere else in the release which is a shame. I don’t think we’ve had shoots since Track 4 in Body Combat 44? Maybe they’re preparing us for Body Combat 53?
  • Track 2 – Karate focused. I really do like the double knife strike kata. Participant or instructor make sure knees are bent, movement is strong and powerful otherwise you’ll not benefit. This track really raises the heart rate to an uplifting fun rock track.
  • Track 3 – Fun, fun and more fun. Simple choreography to a fantastic tune enabling us to easily work in levels pushing participants beyond their comfort zone.  My focus on this track initially was to get the jab(head),cross(body),jab(head) right making sure the level changes were happening. Once this was in place I focused on sinking in and unleash.
  • Track 4 – Kick kata, man this track is off the chart.  The heart rate should already be through the roof and by no means should it fall in this track.  It’s been a while since we had the jump kick and going by the Body Combat 53 video teaser it’s not going anytime soon.  Lots of different lower body combinations. Just remember options on the jump kick, any new people to the programme may need a little guidance in the movement and technique.
  • Track 5 – Fast, furious and only half way through.  The jab and double jab combinations make this track unforgiving on the shoulders, speed, stamina, cardio. Make sure posture is kept throughout this track, if you tire pull back a little without compromising your upright stance.
  • Track 6 – A complete killer. The capoeira infused with kick boxing leg track that works in so many ways it would be a shame to mix this out anytime soon. Lunges, fronts kicks, ginga with an evasive side kick on the side really brings this track alive. Focusing on technique and controlling each kick this track will produce that beach bum you want.
  • Track 7 – There has been a lot of talk about this track. I have heard some instructors have mixed it out a week after launch 🙁 . When I first done the track I was sceptical about how to teach this in a way that I would get 110% from my participants. This is where scripting, connection and essence comes in.  Nothing complicated about this track. I ran a little experiment and taught this track a couple of different ways and the outcome is quite interesting. Is it because it’s “repetitive”  or “not hard enough” well, my conclusion is participants don’t like it because it’s “hard”.  Encouraging powerful knees, hands high, and powering through on the jab crosses and descending elbows result in one thing…..lungs on fire…… When it comes to the “freestyle” part and the downward punch, your participants should be giving you “if looks could kill”.  Going back to the “freestyle” round, this is genius. On the notes it mentions off beat jab crosses, however on the dvd Rach and Dan go crazy. I tweeted Dan Cohen and asked for clarification but didn’t get a response :(. After speaking to other instructors  the decision was to go with the dvd, so is matter of letting yourself go. For best results….. Have fun, push, have some more fun and push some more.
  • Track 8 – What a fantastic tune to this power track. I really do like how the directional movement from the warm up comes back with a vengeance. There couldn’t be a better track for uplifting synths creating some fitness magic.  I initially focused on the directional jabs and then front jab,cross,hook.  Encouraging explosion in each punch will result in the shoulders being demolished just in time for conditioning.
  • Track 9 – This conditioning track is tough. After blasting the shoulders in track 8 this just finishes you off. I really do like the walking press-ups and the knee to elbow combinations as it pushes all boundaries. This track will be on my mix for a while yet….
  • Track 10 – Best cool down track I’ve done, not just choreography, music, but the meaning behind it as this whole release was dedicated to Hernán López who sadly passed away. Lovely gentle Kata inspired from track 4 finishing a fighters workout.

I thoroughly enjoyed Body Combat 51 but this has to be my favourite release yet. Looking throughout the whole release there isn’t much that’s not in this release, maybe a back fist,body rep? One thing that was noticed is that the 45 minute format for this release changes from the normal, check your notes for guidance :).

My quote for this release

Grit the teeth, sink in, and unleash that inner warrior. You’ve been called to the front line it’s game on…..

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