As the release numbers go higher so does the calories burned per class. I done this release at the Altitude Super Quarterly in Edinburgh back at the beginning of March a couple of weeks after the teaser video was posted.

Lots of lyrics to have fun with to create connections with participants and make them work that little bit harder.

Thoughts on the tracks

  • Track 1a/1b – Over the last couple of releases they’ve all be quite close when it comes down to choreography and fun uplifting tracks.  Lots of variety in the warm up including a bit of muay thai, kick boxing, karate and tae kwon do.
  • Track 2 – I think the kata in this track makes it. Encouraging participants to get down, bend the knees and to follow the 5 principles of karate…..  Work it.
  • Track 3 – Back to basics, jabs, crosses, hooks, lots of opportunity to home in on boxing technique with decoys thrown in to prepare for the next track and to keep that heart rate up.
  • Track 4 – Leg conditioning that is relentless all the way to the very end. Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, leaves your legs and butts tightened and toned. It takes a couple times to get the timing right so if you’re a participant stick at, it will sink in. Instructors nail that 1st beat and it’s onwards and upwards.
  • Track 5 – Kung Fu Panda. I really do like teaching this track very up beat and gives off a good feeling vibe. Very fast with cheeky combos. Seriously have fun with this track….
  • Track 6 – Another track I love teaching. Hooking into the lyrics having some fun results in another solid track. I have to say that the cross, jab, cross side kick combo is brilliant.
  • Track 7 – This Muay Thai track is quite short but it pushes the heart rate sky high. The final combo with the pylo push, hook and knee is an absolute killer. Not so keen on the running man knees getting faster, glad it’s an option…
  • Track 8 – 192 jabs in the last round, oh yes. Lots of fun teaching this track working the shoulders hard. Simple but effective combo’s. Perfect ending to smash the shoulders.
  • Track 9 – With track 8 nailing the shoulders they’re been nice and thrown in an all core conditioning track. The Iron cross and the hover are back. I like this conditioning track, don’t think it’s as difficult as Body Combat 50 though.
  • Track 10 – Nice cool down to all the hard work throughout this release.

Another solid release that has lots of room to have fun with. Make sure you script the more technical tracks as they change quickly as we want participants to come back and enjoy the release.

My quote for this release

Unforgiving from start to finish pushing all boundaries if you have the guts……

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