Body Combat 49 Review


Over the last couple of weeks I have blogged  several times about this release but I haven’t gone into that much detail.

First post was Body Combat 49 – Quarterly Workshop. The second post I was after opinions on what shorts to buy for Body Combat 49 Launch Week?  Alot of people replied via Twitter and the outcome was the Venum UK Flag MMA Shorts.

I’ve been teaching this release for around 2 weeks now, I must say Dan and Rach have done it again. This is another fantastic release all the way from Les Mills headquarters. I honestly can’t wait to see what the next big one brings. Body Combat 50, how will you make your mark????

Run down of Body Combat 49

I mentioned before in my quarterly workshop post this release comes in at whopping 737 calories for a 55 minute class. Wow, remember, it still comes down to what you put in, you get out.

Lots of room to have fun, push the boundaries and focus on technique as it’s all back to basics. When I first saw the track listing posted by Glen Stollery I was a bit nervous as Dan and Rach like to mix it right up and some of the tracks looked questionable. How wrong was I? Music, choreography, energy, lyrics comes together so well.

Not going to beat about the bush but this is another cracking release.

  • Tracks 1a/1b – Choreography close to previous release. Lots of areas to focus on technique to prepare for later tracks. No kick set-ups just straight in. 🙂
  • Track 2 – Knees, front kicks, elbows, round house kicks. I personally use lots target zones in this track especially on the shuffle, round house and then elbow. Think stomach, face, then power.
  • Track 3 –  What a power track, if you’re not fast your last springs to mind. “Bob”, he’s the man, simple combination with a direction change. Lots of areas to push yourself/participants.
  • Track 4 – This track 4 isn’t a burner as previous releases but it does go back to basics, 3 boxing punches followed by 3 side kicks. Use this track to check out technique. Turn that heel, setup the kick and unleash it.
  • Track 5 – Blow your shoulders, just do it. Up your game, no reason not to. Back upper cut, hook, cross, cross-jacks. Don’t hold back, EXPLODE…..
  • Track 6 – Right, seen this happen again and again on such tracks. I remember back to body combat 45….. get low, get grounded, check your stance, you’re the karate kid and we want to work the quads. Standing straight up in this kata will do nothing for you.  Carry on from the warm-up with front kick, back kick, with additions of 2 blocks. Engage overdrive, connect, control the blocks and let the music control you.
  • Track 7 – Elbows, Knees, Elbows, Knees. Take the fight to them. Love it, awesome Muay Thai track.
  • Track 8 – Felt this track lacked something but couldn’t put my finger on it. However, a great track to push yourself/participants to that last level.
  • Track 9 – I am a big fan of the conditioning track from body combat 48 as it works so much. This track is through the roof, options for everyone. Circular movement may it be on the press-up or the sit-up burns works muscles you never thought you had.  Great track.
  • Track 10 – Beautiful cool down, sing it.

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