Body Combat 48 – Review


Well I wrote about Body Combat 48 release just after I done my first workshop at the beginning of June. Saturday the 25th saw me attend an internal workshop for Bannatyne’s as I was struggling with timing on two of the tracks.

Our UK master trainer was again Shey Shehovich ( we had her for Bannatyne’s internal Body Combat 47 training ) and the aftermath of this workshop was the same as the last. Shoulders and legs destroyed.

This release has yet to be the hardest I’ve learnt and taught since I became a certified Body Combat Instructor (blog post still to come).  I say hardest in the way of exercise, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again it goes on and on and on.

Run down of Body Combat 48

No new kicks or new moves influenced from some type of martial art are in this release. The main theme is Tae Kwon Do and here are some stats posted by Master Body Combat Trainer Angel Santiago over at –

Jabs – 969
Cross – 222
Uppercut – 618
Hook – 124
Back Fist – 10
Descending Elbow – 142
Knee – 477

Front Kick – 141
Back Kick – 64
Round House – 17
Side Kick – 160

Jaw dropping isn’t it. 55 minutes of working hard and the end result being several hundred calories burned, muscles shaped, toned, demolished, cardio pushed and more.

Body Combat 48 – Track Listing / Thoughts

1a: In My Head (Kris McTwain Remix Edit) – Henry Blank
1b: Airplanes (Kris McTwain Remix Edit) – Groove Chasers
2: Smooth Criminal – Badlands Inc
3: We Dance On – Subz Project
4: Come In Hard (Don’t Like Rock ‘N’ Roll) – Hardknox
5: If I Were You – Breeze & Ritmen
6: Drummer Boy (MoDrums Remix) – Alesha Dixon
7: The Last Fight – Bullet For My Valentine
8: Everywhere (Breeze & UFO Remix) – Master Blaster
9: The Time (Dirty Bit) – Red Beans & Rice
10: The Silence (New Single Mix) – Alexandra Burke

Usually I’d go through each track but this time I’m not, really it’s a fantastic release. I was asked on Twitter to pick a favourite track and I just can’t, keep thinking about it, nope can’t pick one. There has been lots of discussions on previous track 5’s over the net but this one rocks. The leg conditioning tracks hurt ( in a good way ), the music invites you to work hard from the offset. Personally on a couple of tracks i had some timing issues. However, as Les Mills says before launch practice, practice and practice.

Me being me, I do have fun with the tracks. Track 2, Michael Jackson, should see my moon walk between phases. Track 3, “feet, stance, body language”, ask any participant in my class, yes I do a little jig. This release brings out my personality, delivering calorie killing choreography and having fun. After teaching it a couple of times I even decided to treat myself to a new pair of Venum Electron Brazil MMA Shorts.


Did you know Les Mills Clothing is on Amazon too?

I can’t wait to see what Dan and Rach pick out the hat for Body Combat 49 and then the milestone Body Combat 50.

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