In the world of Les Mills you must have heard that there was a massive event in London on at the weekend called Les Mills Live? Over the years it’s changed names a couple of times so maybe Super Quarterly Workshop, GFX, no? Ok where have you been? What is a Les Mills Live event?

Is a celebration of the latest fitness trends and cutting edge music. These events are not to be missed, so lock in a Les Mills Live event near you and get ready to party.

This event is global, MASSIVE.  Don’t believe me? Well it check out :

Have I ever been to one?

I have been to 3 “big events” since becoming an instructor (Just over 7 years ago):

Edinburgh I think is still my favourite :).

Why should I book next time?

It’s not just about the presenters it’s about the environment, the experience, the people around you.

If you’ve never been along to an event and you love Les Mills classes what are you waiting for :)?  If I can’t persuade you then maybe the above photos from my travels can persuade? No what about these?


Miss your face Shey 🙂 Hope you’re well..

Someones had a great day.

Usual Bram? 😉

Eh Huw, should Sam be worried? 😛



Phil Harrison bud, still jealous of your moves..









Got pictures/videos you want to share?

I am sure I’ve probably missed a couple of awesome videos or photographs please feel free to comment below 🙂

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