As December 2006 approaches

I know I haven’t posted in a while. November has been very busy.

  • Sill Game gets 2 Scottish Bafta awards.
  • Borat movie is sooooo fecken funny.
  • Little Britain live at Edinburgh playhouse.
  • Cairngorm mountain opens its doors.
  • Glencoe gets first tracks.
  • Road trip up north is happening this weekend.

Still Game won 2 awards at the Scottish Bafta awards. One for Best performance and the other for Most popular Television programme. I feel these awards were well justified as it just keeps getting better and better.

Borat is in the house. Was abit concerned that the film would of got tiresome as usually they show the best bits on the adverts. How I was proved wrong. My sides were sooo sore after seeing this. I am shocked that no-one actually shot him. If you like Sacha Baron Cohen then I would go and see this film.

Went and saw Little Britain at the Edinburgh Playhouse, and have to say it was absolutely fantastic. Alot of “off sketch” banter made the performance even better. I would recommend that if you like little britain you have to buy the live dvd.

Finally, snow is appearing in the Scottish boarding/ski resorts. Cairngorm mountain was the 1st to open it’s doors to boarders and skiers on the 25th/26th of Nov where i believe from multiple resources over at SCUK had a fantastic time.

Believe it or not Glencoe has already had its 1st tracks. A group of budding boarders hiked up and by the looks of things had a great time. More details and pictures can be found over at legion snowboards site. For anyone never been to Glencoe, the hike would be difficult enough without all the boarding gear and clothing never mind carrying that load.

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