All things subtext

First thing if you’re using subtext for your blogging engine then I would like to point you in the direction of Phil Haack’s blog where he has announced an important security issue.

Secondly it’s been a while since I posted about the progress of my site re-vamp. Due to work and personal reasons this has taken longer than expected. I’m trying to outline my steps in posts, going from conception to implementation. I’ll be posting them once I have made the skin live in hope to help someone out there.

If you have a subtext blog and taken the plunge to create your own skin then why not share it with other subtext users? You could put it on for all to use or on subtext google groups page giving other users some influence to take the dive. If you’re thinking about creating your own skin then check out the documentation. My last skin I done for a friend can be found over at Andy Kemp’s website. He’s hacked it quite a bit since I passed him the basic skin files. When I have a free moment will pack up the skin and put it on the skins website for all 🙂

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