Lee Evans Tour 2011 – RoadRunner

On Friday we made our way to the S.E.C.C to see Lee Evans. Trying to think about how long it has been since his last show, calculated about 3 years.  I’ve seen Lee Evans a couple of times now and he just goes from strength to strength.

I honestly can’t wait till this DVD is released as I don’t think I stopped laughing. I still had sore cheeks the following day.

The start and ending of the show is pure genuis… “Sweatyus Chimpeous”. I’m not going to give much away as really you need to see it yourself. Lee always finished with a song, this time he ended with 2, new one for the tour and his legendary bohemian rhapsody.



The DVD is due for release on the 21st of November. I thoroughly recommended pre-ordering it. Would make an ideal Christmas present…





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