2 Simple ways to make your wireless network that little bit more secure.

WRT54GL_MainI was looking through my router setup options and it occurred to me that I could make my network more secure by changing a couple of settings.

Most routers sent from ISP’s are all preconfigured to be secure so that no Tom, Dick or Harry can connect and use your internet connection.

Disable SSID

If they don’t know it exists how can they connect?  Within my routers options there is a setting that enables me to turn off my SSID from being broadcasted. Disable this option and  If anyone wants to connect to my wireless they not only need to know my network key but they also need to know my network name.

Reduce power output

You’d be quite surprised how far a wireless connection can be picked up.  So if your router has an option to reduce the power why not?  Reduce it down to a level where by you can still use your internet connection in an efficient manner.


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