LesMills-Altitude-Sqw-2012Body Combat 50 has done it’s job and it’s now time for Body Combat 51 to come to town.  Having done Body Combat 50 at the Bristol Super Quarterly workshop last Nov and feeling the vibe, I can’t wait till next weekend.  If you’ve never attended a super quarterly then you need to, great life experience.

Body Combat 51 is being unleashed in the UK here in Edinburgh where I teach regularly on a Wednesday night : Engage Fitness. There is no other person that could present this release other than Dan Cohen.

Obviously all the other Les Mills programmes will be delivered too by the other high profile master trainers. The day is going to be through the roof.

I posted the teaser video for Body Combat 51 last week but doesn’t give much away. Going by Facebook statuses of master trainers across the globe:

Body Combat 50 was just a warm up compared to Body Combat 51.

Not teaching any other programme yet I can’t comment on the next release of Body Jam, Body Attack, Body Pump, CXworx, RPM or Body Balance but am doing them all on the day. Watch this space.

If you’re attending the SQW please comment below or contact me, would be good to say hello.

Update : Edinburgh SQW 2012

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